Vatican Ratlines

rat line eichmannSenior German Nazi criminals escaped prosecution after World War II by the use of different “ratlines “ spread over Europe, which were operated via a network of Vatican contacts. The Catholic Church believed this effort would contribute to the “re-Christianization” of Europe and feared the threat to Europe of paganism and communism. In the pursuit of its political and spiritual interests, it was quick to forgive Nazi war criminals. Welcoming former sinners back to the bosom of the Church seemed a higher calling than turning them over to war crimes investigators. According to many church officials who were questioned about this practice: “You don’t understand us, but we did the right thing,”

It is estimated that 5,000 Nazi leaders managed to escape thanks to this network. They could not have accomplished this without the complicity of the Red Cross as well. Because the Red Cross didn’t do checks – no checks at all, basically, Nazi criminals and their collaborators from all over Europe were able to fraudulently obtain the documents required to make their way to South America.

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Operation Ratline (Part 1 of 3)



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