Zyklon-B used for 1st time to Murder Prisoners at Auschwitz

zyklonAuschwitz concentration camp, in southern Poland, was not initially established with the intention of becoming an extermination camp. Before the ‘Final Solution’ was put into operation, Auschwitz was a camp for Soviet POWs; it was later expanded on Himmler’s orders to accommodate Jews and other ‘enemies’ of the state. Prisoners certainly died from punishments and were murdered individually before mass extermination took place at Auschwitz, but it was on 3 September 1941 that Zyklon B gas was used on a large group of prisoners for the first time. Zyklon B was a cyanide-basted pesticide that was already being used in the disinfection of officer and prisoner uniforms within the camp. About 600 Soviet and 250 Polish prisoners of war were shut up in the basement of Block 11 in Auschwitz I, where a small amount of pellets were poured in.
After many hours, and a slow, agonising death due to the quantity being so small, all 850 prisoners were pronounced dead. Further experiments helped to determine the appropriate quantity to kill prisoners efficiently.Hailed a success, the use of Zyklon B to gas prisoners was fully implemented when five gas chambers were installed in the Auschwitz complex. The pellets were also used in Majdanek and Sachsenhausen concentration camps, and during the Holocaust, hundreds of thousands of Jews, Poles and other Nazi victims died by being gassed with Zyklon B. Even today, visitors to the Majdanek camp can still see the blue residue left by the gas on the walls of the former gas chamber.
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