Wannsee Conference

wannsee-bw2The Wannsee Conference was a meeting of senior Nazi officials that took place in the suburb of Wannsee, Berlin, on 20 January 1942. It has often been cited as the meeting where the ‘Final Solution to the Jewish question’ was decided upon, but this is not the case. It was, however, an organisational meeting of how Jews could be transported from occupied territories to concentration and death camps that the Nazis had established all over Europe.

The meeting was called by the Reinhard Heydrich, then the director of the SS-Reichssicherheitshauptamt (Reich Main Security Office, or RSHA). It was attended by administrative leaders from various government departments including the Foreign Office, interior and state ministries, as well as members of the SS. There was also a secondary objective of the meeting in finally determining who could be considered a Jew, but this was never fully completed. Just one copy of the minutes taken that day, the Wannsee Protocol, survived the war, and it was used as evidence in the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. A replica of the document can be seen in the Wannsee House itself, which has now become a museum and memorial for the victims of the Holocaust.

Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The Wannsee Conference
House of the Wannsee Conference

Wannsee Conference
WW2 History

Wannsee Conference 20 January 1942
Scrapbook Pages

Holocaust History

Wannsee Conference
Includes detailed chart of attendees with photos

Wannsee Protocol – January 20, 1942
The Avalon Project
Lillian Goldman Law Library
Yale Law School

English Translation of Minutes
Literature of the Holocaust

The Wannsee Protocol (January 20, 1942)
German History in Documents and Images (GHDI)

Documents Concerning the Wannsee Conference
House of the Wannsee Conference

The Participants at the Conference
House of the Wannsee Conference

The Wannsee Conference – Attendees
Aktion Reinhard Camps

Adolf Eichmann’s Testimony in Jerusalem about the Wannsee Conference
House of the Wannsee Conference

The Wannsee Conference, the Fate of German Jews, and Hitler’s Decision in
Principle to Exterminate All European Jews
Christian Gerlach
The Journal of Modern History, Vol. 70, No. 4. (Dec., 1998), pp. 759-812

The Wannsee Conference in the Development of the “Final Solution”
House of the Wannsee Conference
Educational and Memorial Site

Wannsee Conference
Yad Vashem

The Minutes from the Wannsee Conference
January 20, 1942
Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

Photo of the Villa at Wannsee 56-58, Location of the Wannsee Conference (January 20, 1942)
German History in Documents and Images (GHDI)

Weimar and Nazi Germany



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