Operation Barbarossa

operation barbarossaOperation Barbarossa was the code name given to the German invasion of the Soviet Union on 22 June 1941. It was given the name ‘Barbarossa’ after Frederick Barbarossa, the medieval Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire. This name is indicative of Hitler’s visions of  encompassing the Soviet Union into the Greater German Reich through his plans for Lebensraum (‘living space’) for the German people. Operation Barbarossa was authorised by Hitler in December 1940, and was planned for a start date of 15 May 1941.

The invasion was delayed, however, and eventually took place five weeks later. It remains the largest invasion in the history of warfare; around four million Axis soldiers, 600,000 motor vehicles and 750,000 horses stormed into the Soviet Union over a 1,800 mile front. The Germans took large parts of Ukraine and other areas on the edges of the USSR; Hitler was confident that the Soviet Union could be conquered within around eight weeks. The German offensive, however, stalled as it approached Moscow and was rapidly pushed back by the Soviet counter-offensive. As the war in the Soviet Union dragged on into the winter, the Germans found themselves extremely ill-equipped; their motor vehicles broke down, horses starved to death and soldiers simply did not have proper clothing for a freezing Russian winter.  Overall, the German invasion of the Soviet Union was to prove costly. 95% of all German Army casualties between 1941-44 took place on that front, and it was battles such as the disastrous German defeat in Stalingrad that made it appear increasingly as though Germany would not win the war.

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