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kindertransportThe Kindertransport (literally ‘children transport’) was a rescue mission of mainly Jewish children from Nazi Germany, Austria Czechoslovakia and Poland that began nine months before the start of the Second World War and ended in 1940. British families took in around 10,000 children from these countries and either placed them in foster homes, hostels, schools and farms or took them into their own homes. On 15th November 1938, just a few days after Kristallnacht, representatives of Britain’s Jewish and Quaker groups appealed directly Prime Minister Neville Chamberlin to allow a temporary admission of unaccompanied Jewish children to the UK. A Bill was subsequently passed in Parliament to allow unaccompanied children, from infancy up to the age of 17, to travel to the UK. A delegation of Jewish, Quaker and other non-Jewish groups established the Movement for the Care of Children from Germany. The groups involved promised to find homes for all children sent to the UK and to ensure funding for every child. The Home Secretary also agreed to speed up the immigration process by issuing travel documents on the basis of larger group lists rather than individual applications. The first Kindertransport arrived in Harwich, England, on 2nd December 1938. At first, transports only arrived from Germany and Austria, but transports left Prague after the German invasion of Czechoslovakia in March 1939 and some trains left Poland in the same year. For many children, the farewells they gave their families at the station would be the last time they ever saw them.

Kindertransport Project

The kindertransport Association
Not-for-profit organization that unites these child Holocaust refugees and their descendants.
The KTA shares their stories, honors those who made the Kindertransport possible, and supports charitable work that aids children in need.

Kindertransport History
The Kindertransport Association

United States Holocaust Memorial and Museum

The Kindertransport
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust

The Kindertransport
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Exploring 20th Century London

Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

Collections Search for “kindertransport”
Imperial War Museum
Searchable database of artifacts relating to the Kindertransport

Quakers in Britain
Links to stories of families and children that were helped in the Kindertransport by Quakers

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The story of the Kindertransport
Broadcast by Channel 4 Television UK

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Voices Compassionate Education
Story of Alan Peters’ journey to England via the Kindertransport

Video Clip:
Kindertransport ‘an exceptional act of rescue’

Audio Clip:
Kindertransport: Britain’s rescue plan
National Archive UK

Link to the Promotional Page for the Film:
“Into the Arms of Strangers”
Warner Brothers

“Into the Arms of Strangers”
Study Guide
Warner Brothers

In pictures: Kindertransport
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First Kindertransport Arrives in Great Britain
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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