Hitler Appointed Chancellor

Adolf_Hitler_AppointedHitler was somewhat reluctant to resume leadership of the Nazi Party after his imprisonment, but was eventually convinced by his followers to take up the role once again. Under Hitler and the Nazi Party’s promises in relation to problems such as the struggling economy and mass unemployment, the Party’s popularity grew. By 1930, they had gained over 100 seats in the Reichstag. In 1932 Hitler ran against President von Hindenburg in the Presidential Election.&nbsp

After an initial election delivered no majority, a second election confirmed von Hindenburg to run another term as president of the Reich. Hitler’s popularity, however, had not gone unnoticed. In June of the same year, President von Hindenburg dissolved the existing Reichstag and appointed Franz von Papen to be the new Chancellor. In July, another Reichstag election was held; this time the Nazis gained an additional 123 seats, confirming them as the biggest party in the Reichstag.Hitler was offered the position of Vice-Chancellor but refused this post, putting pressure on von Hindenburg to give up the Chancellorship. Refusal to co-operate with von Papen led to the latter’s resignation. Eventually, under the false impression that Hitler could be controlled by the President, von Hindenburg appointed Hitler Chancellor of the Reich on 30th January 1933. A Nazi parade took place in central Berlin and Nazi flags hung from numerous buildings. The downfall of the German republic had begun.

Hitler Named Chancellor
The History Place

Hitler Comes to Power
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Hitler becomes chancellor
Alpha History
Hitler’s relationship with Hindenburg, and how Hitler was able to convince Hindenberg to appoint him as Chancellor of Germany

30th January 1933 – Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany
This Day Then

The Mitchell Archives
Excerpts from the coverage in the New York Times

Ordinary Economic Voting Behavior in the Extraordinary Election of Adolf Hitler
The Journal of Economic History

Adolf Hitler’s Rise to Power

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

The rise of the Nazi Party and its consolidation of power
BBC Bitesize
Includes an interesting selection of charts, as well as propaganda posters from the period

Hitler and his First Cabinet
History Learning Site
A basic summary of Hitler’s cabinet

Hitler Cabinet
Detailed chart with names of cabinet members, positions and dates in those positions
Also includes links to further information about each of the members

The Proclamation of the Hitler Cabinet
Proclamation made by the newly appointed Hitler cabinet to the German people on February 1st 1933,
Alpha History

Hitler Sworn in As German Chancellor; Names Nazi Aides to Two Key Cabinet Positions
Copy of news report written on January 31, 1933

Images – Building the Nazi Regime
Reich President Paul von Hindenburg Receives Adolf Hitler after the Latter’s Appointment as Reich Chancellor (January 30, 1933)
German History in Documents and Images

Images – Building the Nazi Regime
Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler with his Cabinet (January 30, 1933)
German History in Documents and Images

Adolf Hitler greets President Paul von Hindenburg, March 21, 1933
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Video Clip:
How Hitler Becomes Chancellor
BBC Class Clips

Video Clip:
Hitler And His Cabinet – 1933 1933
British Pathe

YouTube Video:
1933 Hitler Becomes Reich Chancellor

Adolf gives Germany the thumbs-up: Chilling footage shows Hitler take office as Nazis swept into power 80 years ago
Daily Mail



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