Armband becomes mandatory for Jews in Poland

Holocaust_Yellow_BadgeThe Nazis were quick to implement their anti-Semitic policies in Poland once they had invaded. On 23rd November 1939, Hans Frank, the Governor-General of occupied Poland, announced a new decree. All Jews in Poland over the age of 10 had to wear a Star of David. Originally local decrees in the territory differed; some required Jews to wear a white armband with a blue Star of David displayed on it; in the Warthegau, a yellow badge in the shape of the Star was to be sewn onto the person’s left side and also on their back. The Star also included the word Jude – German for ‘Jew’ – in the middle.  Jews who stood defiant and refused to wear the Star, or who took it off whilst in hiding or trying to blend into the non-Jewish population, risked death. Those who did wear the Star, however, were subject to abuse and harassment as they were so clearly marked out. This was not always the case, though; the wearing of the Star did elicit more sympathy in some parts of Nazi-occupied Europe, such as Czechoslovakia, where hat-tipping to Jews eventually had to be officially banned.

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