Timeline: Detailed Information About 41 Important Events & Milestones

holocaust word cloudThis section has been designed to provide in-depth information about the major events and milestones in the history of the Holocaust, from the Treaty of Versailles to the Nuremburg Trials.
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Treaty of Versailles

The Weimar Republic

Beer Hall Putsch

Hitler Appointed Chancellor of Germany

Reichstag Fire

Enabling Act

Dachau Concentration Camp Established

Anti-Jewish Boycotts

Law for the Restoration of the Professional Service

Book Burning

The Night of the Long Knives

Nuremburg Race Laws

Berlin Olympic Games

Anschluss – Annexation of Austria

Evian Conference

Munich Agreement


Kinder Transport

Dismemberment of Czechoslovakia

Voyage of the St. Louis

Molotov – Ribentropp Pact

Invasion of Poland

Establishment of the First Ghetto in Piotrkow

Armband Becomes Mandatory for Jews in Poland

Operation Barbarosa


Zyklon-B used for the First Time

Death by Gas Begins in Chelmno

Wannsee Conference

First Selection of the Weak and Unfit for Gassing at Auschwitz

Jan Karski Meets British and U.S. Leaders

Bermuda Conference

Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

Vrba / Wetzler Report

Deportation of 430,000 Hungarian Jews

Death Marches – Buchenwald

U. S. Troops Liberate Buchenwald

Soviet Troops Liberate Auschwitz – Birkenau

German Military Surrender

Displaced Persons Camps

Nuremburg Trials and Verdicts

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