Women: Children, Kitchen, Church

nazi women 2Take hold of kettle, broom and pan,
Then you’ll surely get a man!
Shop and office leave alone,
Your true life work lies at home.”

The mission of women is to be beautiful and to bring children into the world. This is not at all as………unmodern as it sounds. The female bird pretties herself for her mate and hatches eggs for him. In exchange, the male takes care of gathering food, and stands guard and wards off the enemy.”
Joseph Goebbels, 1929

Adolf Hitler had very clear ideas about the role of women in the Third Reich. Hitler reduced women’s social activity to a purely biological purpose. It was their duty to assure the future of the German race. Women were to be the homemakers of society, cooking, cleaning, keeping house and making themselves healthy and beautiful for their racially pure husbands with whom they would produce numerous children.From school age onwards girls were prepared for their future role and were taught appropriate subjects such as cooking and needlework as well as health and beauty.

The guidelines for being an ideal woman in Nazi Germany were as follows:

• Women should not work for a living
• Women should not wear trousers
• Women should not wear makeup
• Women should not wear high-heeled shoes
• Women should not dye or perm their hair

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