Nazi Party

nazi partyThe Nazi Party, and its precursor, The German Worker’s Party, was born out the anger and frustration prevalent in the aftermath of World War I and the humiliating Treaty of Versailles. There were many alienated, maladjusted soldiers and ex-soldiers with a thirst for adventure and a distaste for the peace brought on by the Treaty and the resulting democratic republic. They eagerly joined the German Workers’ Party in growing numbers. Hitler discovered that he had a talent for connecting with these disenfranchised, angry people and knew how to play on their fears.

The political platform of the Nazi Party was based on a 25-point program, including the union of all Germans in a greater German Reich; rejection of the Treaty of Versailles; the demand for additional territories for the German people (Lebensraum); citizenship determined by race with no Jew to be considered a German; all income not earned by work to be confiscated; a thorough reconstruction of the national education system; religious freedom except for religions which endanger the German race; and a strong central government for the execution of effective legislation.

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Nazi Party

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Nazi Party

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German election and referendum, 1936


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