Doctors & the Medical Profession

nazi doctor 2“It was the doctors who paved the way for the Holocaust. . .It was medical ideology which led to Hitler and the Nazis,”

The medical professions of Germany and Austria, played a critical role in the evolution of Nazism’s programs of human destruction, programs that culminated in mass genocide. In addition, academic medicine not only provided the “scientific” rationale that legitimized eugenic and racial selection, it also exploited human victims for inhuman research. Individual physicians as well as the medical establishment were complicit in a wide range of activities carried out by the Nazis during the period that encompassed the Holocaust. Doctors joined the Nazi party in disproportionate numbers and lent both their efforts and their authority to Nazi eugenic and racist programs. This led directly to a perverse system of the criminal use of medicine in the fields of public health and human research.

Angels of Death
The Nazi Doctors

Project on Medicine and the Holocaust
Boston University Department of Health Law, Bioethics and Human Rights & the Elie Wiesel Center for Judaic Studies

Physician and Scientist Profiles
Deadly Medicine – Creating the Master Race
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Perspectives on Medical Ethics
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Audio Clip:
Legitimizing the Unthinkable: A Disability Rights Perspective on Nazi Medicine with Harriet McBryde Johnson
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Audio Clip:
How Did Medicine Go So Wrong?
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

Nazi Medicine and Public Health Policy
By Robert N. Proctor
Dimensions: A Journal of Holocaust Studies
Anti-Defamation League

Medicine and Murder in the Third Reich
Dimensions: A Journal of Holocaust Studies
Anti-Defamation League

Medicine and Murder in the Third Reich
Jewish Virtual Library

Nazi Medicine and the Nuremburg Trials
Palgrave MacMillan

Book Review:
Death of Medicine in Nazi Germany
Wolfgang Weyers, MD
Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons

Nazi Doctors & Other Perpetrators of Nazi Crimes

The Twenty-Three Doctors on Trial at Nuremberg

Medical Doctors in Austria 1938-1945
Deprivation of Rights, Expulsion, Murder
University of Vienna

Holocaust Essays: The Doctors of the Holocaust

Moral Dilemmas Faced by Jewish Doctors During the Holocaust
by Michael Nevins, M.D.
Jewish Virtual Library

Jewish Doctors in Germany Executed for Refusing to Serve in Nazi Medical Units

The Fate of a Jewish Veterinarian in Germany
Yad Vashem

Museum of Tolerance
Simon Weisenthal Center

Nazi Medical Practices

Nazi Medicine and Nazi Doctors
Fold 3

The Nazi Doctors – Lessons From the Holocaust
Christian Medical Fellowship

Commentary: The Third Reich—German physicians between resistance and participation
International Journal of Epidemiology

U.S. Army Medical Department

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