Medical System

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThough they are supposed to be the healers, Nazi doctors perpetrated some of the most devastating and horrendous actions during the Third Reich, including sterilizations and the murder of tens of thousands of handicapped and other “inferior” citizens. These doctors violated the trust placed in them by humanity.

The moral failure of the German medical profession was its willingness to collaborate with the Nazi state & to serve Nazi values. Most German physicians in the Reich failed to challenge the rotten substance of Nazi values, and the murderous initiatives.

The complicity of German physicians in the Nazis’ crimes against humanity is a well-established historical fact. Explaining that fact is far more difficult. Why were German doctors such avid fans of fascism? Why did nearly half of all German physicians join the Nazi party?

Doctors & the Medical Profession
Racial Hygiene & Improvement
Euthanasia and Eugenics
T4 Program
Institutions: Euthanasia Centers
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