Lebensborn Program

lebensborn childrenIn 1932 Hitler implemented the Lebensborn program, which sought to be the literal “spring of life” for the Master Race. He created breeding facilities in which Aryan women were recruited to be impregnated by S.S. soldiers. A male German seeking admission into the program had to prove that he was in perfect physical condition, and that he was “racially pure” as far back as 1750. Before the program ended in 1944, it produced more than 42,000 babies. The Germans also captured Aryan women and children from the surrounding conquered countries. From Poland, alone, they kidnapped 200,000 blond-haired, blue-eyed children.

Lebensborn Children

Lebensborn Mothers
Lebensborn Children


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(1935 – 1945)
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by Adele Meredith
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