Ghettos: Jewish Order Police

jewish order policeThe Jewish Order Police were different from the Judenrat, in that there main role was to ensure that the Jewish population complied with German occupiers’ orders. Although they were officially part of the Judenrat, they were commanded directly by the local non-Jewish police and by the Nazi SS. Jews joined it for social and personal motives and out of a desire to help maintain order in the ghettos and assist Jewish autonomy. Many Jews left the police over time, as they became reluctant to carry out the orders of the Nazis. Those that remained were often corrupt and looked out for their own interests above all. This also meant that the relationship between the Judenrat and the Jewish Order Police got worse over time, as they saw their roles and responsibilities very differently.

The Jewish Order Police
Holocaust Ghettos
Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

Jewish Ghetto Police during the Holocaust
Holocaust Education & Archive Research Team

Jewish Policemen in the Ghetto

Josef “Andzi” Szerynski
(1893 – 1943)
Jewish Virtual Library

Józef Szeryński
Polish-Jewish police-colonel inspector for the Lublin district and later – during the Second World War – a commander of the Jewish Ghetto Police.

The Jewish Police – Order Service (Ordnungsdienst)
1 Lutomierska 51. (Hamburgerstrasse)
Litzmannstadt Getto

Role played by “Jewish Policemen”
Literature of the Holocaust

Jewish Ghetto Police

The Relations Between the Judenrat and the Jewish Police Yad Vashem

Judischer Ordnungsdienst
(Jewish Ghetto Police, referred to by the jews as the “Jewish Police”)
Yad Vashem

Book Review:
Am I a Murderer? Testament of a Jewish Ghetto Policeman
Calel Perechodnik
Mandel Project


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