Der Stuermer

der sturmerDer Stuermer was a Nazi propaganda newspaper published by Julius Streicher. He wanted Der Stuermer to appeal to the common man, to the worker with little time to read. The articles used short sentences and a simple vocabulary; ideas were repeated; headlines grabbed a reader’s attention; the cartoons were easily understood.

These cartoons, included many caricatures used to present various themes of anti-Semitism. The Jews were depicted with large, hooked noses, bulging eyes, unshaven, short, and fat. They were often shown as vermin, snakes, and spiders. One of the main cartoonists, “Fips”, was also very good at drawing the female form – usually nude or partially nude. With breasts bare, these “Aryan” women were often depicted as the victims of Jews. These nude women made the paper especially attractive to young males. Der Stuermer was filled with stories about scandal, sex, and crime, with the facts being exaggerated and distorted.

The “Stürmer” motto was repeated on every publication: “The Jews are our misfortune”.

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Der Stürmer

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Der Stuermer

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