Collaboration of Musicians with the Nazis

berlin philThe devastating impact of fascism on music culture and culture as a whole cannot be divorced from the history of orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic in Germany and the Vienna Philharmonic in Austria, under the Nazis. In fact, there was an intricate relationship that developed between the regime and two of the most conspicuous conductors in Germany and Austria during the Reich, Wilhelm Furtwangler and Herbert von Karajan. They were to a large extent the public face of German culture that the world saw. They held deeply rooted Nazi sympathies even before Hilter came to power in 1933, so that Hitler and Goebbels found orchestras that were ready and even eager to serve as tool s of Nazi propaganda.


These orchestras, as well as many others, were purged of their Jewish members, and key positions were filled with Nazi supporters. For example, thirteen active musicians were expelled from the Vienna State Opera Orchestra and the Vienna Philharmonic in 1938. There were hardly any protests from orchestra members against the dismissal of their Jewish colleagues. There was a ban on Jewish composers like Mendelssohn and Mahler. Such orchestras focused on a conservative repertoire taking care to identify themselves with the grandeur of Germanic culture. These orchestras now served as  the representatives of the Nazi regime, providing the musical programme for the Nazis’ party congresses in Nuremberg and the Olympic Games, and giving regular concerts for other Nazi organizations. The Faustian bargain these musicians made with the Nazis came at the cost of their artistic and moral independence. However, the attitude of the people who made therse choices can be summed up by these self-justifying words: “Of course there were compromises, and moral compromises certainly. Was that opportunist? There were perhaps better reasons to take part than to resist.”

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