Culture in Nazi Germany

culture in nazi germanyThe painting “Farm Family from Kahlenberg”, by Adolf Wissel displayed here, epitomizes one of the primary themes and driving forces behind the concept of “art” that Hitler and the Nazis aggressively sought to promote, to the detriment of all forms of artistic output in Nazi Germany. It represents a hyper-real-life, hyper-idealized version of a perfect “Aryan” family; devout white, blond, farmers sitting at the table with a view of the “sacred earth”, the family farm plot behind them. The modernism and avant-garde experimentation of the Weimar period, was now forbidden – a thing of the past.

This was part and parcel of the broader goal of the “Nazification” of Germany, in influencing all aspects of life. Adolf Hitler and his men were now the ultimate arbiters of what constituted acceptable artistic expression. This same provincialism and lack of imagination was vigorously imposed on all other forms of cultural production, such as music, literature and architecture, as well.

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