Collaborators, Traitors & Nazi Supporters

A cropped woman during the liberationIt’s a simple question. “How could they have done it?” How could anyone have collaborated with the Nazis? And yet so many did. From Pierre Laval in France to Quisling in Norway to the IRA, from the 1600 Belgians who served in the SS to the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – all worked with the Nazis. Many of these people did what they did out of idealism or perhaps”good intentions”. Others felt they had no choice. Others still had darker and more disturbing motives.

Collaboration took many forms. Some French actively helped the Germans hunt down Jews, including Jewish children, and members of the Resistance. A number of French women collaborated by associating with German soldiers. Collaboration by civilians in Occupied Europe ranged from a mere survival tool (for instance doing the laundry of German soldiers to earn extra food for your family), to the denunciation of ‘enemies’ within the community, to the formation of paramilitary militias and participation in collective massacres.

In occupied Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, the SS controlled Einsatzgruppen recruited local civilians and police to assist in mass killings. The most infamous example was at Babi Yar near Kiev, where over 33,000 Jews were slaughtered in September 1941 by German security forces, assisted by the Ukrainian police.

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