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business and holocaustThe great majority of German businessmen behaved in a decidedly unheroic manner during the Nazi era. Most of them, especially leaders of larger companies, not only refrained from risking their lives to save Jews, but actually profited from the use of forced and slave labor, the “Aryanization” of Jewish property, and the plundering of companies in Nazi-occupied Europe.Many firms, after filling the necessary prerequisites, were allowed to come in to the camps and choose the prisoners they wanted. Even after seeing the horrible conditions in these camps –  the death, starvation, torture… they chose to  exploit some of these people  for profit.

This was not restricted to German companies. Companies in neutral countries benefited by working with both sides in the war. American and European companies found ways to circumvent local laws and to profit from doing business with the Nazis in one way or another. Though many companies have publicly apologized and paid restitution to survivors or descendants, many still obscure their part in this shameful era of history.

Business and the Holocaust
Stock Maven Research Center
Extensive links to articles, government reports and organizations

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EAMO was responsible for giving companies access to prisoners for slave labor

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Business and the Holocaust
The Secret History of World War II
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Dimensions: A Journal of Holocaust Studies
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Sworn Statement in which Former Reichsbank Employee Albert Thoms Reports on the Bank’s Receipt of Valuables Taken from Death Camp Victims (May 26, 1948)
German History in Documents and Images

YouTube Video: (44:52)
“The Dawes Plan, Wall Street’s Financing Of German Cartels, And Adenauer’s Right Hand Man”
Based on the Book:
“Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler” by Antony C. Sutton

YouTube Video: (43:46)
Hitler’s American Business Partners


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