Business and the Holocaust: American Companies

The sad truth is that a number of financial and industrial figures of World War II and several members of the American government served the cause of money before the cause of patriotism. While aiding the United States’ war effort, they also aided Nazi Germany’s.

Several of the greatest American corporate leaders were in league with Nazi corporations before and after Pearl Harbor, including I.G. Farben, the colossal Nazi industrial trust that created Auschwitz. Each of these business leaders was entangled with the others through interlocking directorates or financial sources. These tycoons were linked by an ideology: the ideology of Business as Usual. Bound by identical reactionary ideas, the members sought a common future in fascist domination, regardless of which world leader might further that ambition.

Then, when war was over, these American businessmen pushed into Germany, protected their assets, restored Nazi friends to high office, helped provoke the Cold War, and insured the permanent future of their common interests.

Red Marriott: “How the Allied multinationals supplied Nazi Germany throughout World War II”

Ford Motor Company
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