Blood Purity

blood purityI speak prophetically. Just as the discovery that the earth moved around the sun led to a complete transformation of the way people looked at the world, so too the blood and racial teachings of National Socialism will change our understanding of mankind’s past and its future.”
(The Führer before the Reichstag on 30 January 1937)


There is not and never was, in fact, a known scientific method that managed to distinguish a Jew from a non-Jew; yet the Nazis managed to convince themselves and much of German society, that this was possible. Although the idea of the biologically based, inherently ‘evil Jew’ transcended the bounds of even the most tenuous support of racial science, there were many people in society who were ready and willing to take this idea seriously. This was Hitler’s great contribution to society: the elevation of religious hatred and discrimination to a more scientific and empirically based biological reality. Prior to the arrival of Adolf Hitler and his corrupting influence, Germany was a sophisticated, scientifically literate society. Yet the Nazis somehow managed to convince scientists and medical professionals that there was a valid scientific basis to claim that there existed a separate biological race within their midst, that was unable “to be in touch with nature, feel selfless love, or have a sense of reverence”.

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‘Blood purity is a political tool. It is utilised as a means to keep society together. Discuss:

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Blood and Soil
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