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Why I Wrote ‘Who Betrayed the Jews’ – A Guest Post by Agnes Grunwald-Spier

When I was writing about Holocaust rescuers in ‘The Other Schindlers’ I was overwhelmed by the courage and generosity of spirit of the rescuers. However, there was one person who really shocked me and that was a Belgian traitor called Prosper de Zitter who betrayed members of the resistance and allied airmen trying to get.. read more →

Kristallnacht: 24 Hour story of Henry Landman’s Arrest on November 10, 1938 – A Guest Post by Richard Landman

It was November 9, 1938 and my 18 year old father and his family went to sleep in their apartment in Augsburg as usual after hearing on the radio that a 17 year old Jewish boy shot a German official in Paris. Two Gestapo agents in green Bavarian garb rang the doorbell at his family’s.. read more →

Membership has it’s Privileges

I have recently finished adding the content for five new sections of the website: “Culture in Nazi Germany“, “Business and the Holocaust“, “Catholic Church and the Holocaust“, “Medical System” and “Medical Experiments.” This represents approximately 40 new subject pages and close to 900 new links added to the site. In the course of my research.. read more →

The Trigger Finger Protocol

My left index finger has been really hurting me for the past few years. Sometimes I wake up at night and find that the finger is bent and I cannot straighten it up anymore. You have to kind of yank the damn thing back into place. So I went to my doctor, who told me.. read more →

Business as Usual

True story – I was watching the news coverage of the Malaysian flight 370 disappearance on CNN. There was an ad for Siemens immediately followed by an ad for some product by Bayer. When the news show came back on, they were talking about how some families had already received insurance payments from Allianz Insurance… read more →

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